Romanik S.A.

The facilities in Trzeciewiec

The season 2011 will be the first one in which the company from Bydgoszcz will serve the northern part of Poland from the facilities located in Trzeciewiec, near Bydgoszcz.

This is a decisive step towards improving the conditions of the customer service, distribution, storage and working conditions. This modern facility, built in 2008-2009, solves many problems that faced the company in recent years, especially in the spring, when there was a greatest demand for tools. Gradually we enlarge the range of our production offer, and under current conditions we fulfil the management plans for improving the market service.
High storage (12 m) and a production hall in a total area of 5 thousand m2 ensure the company the storage of several thousand europallets at the same time, definitely improving working conditions in the production zone. The plant is equipped with modern automated paint lines. In the pressing and forging area an induction heater has been installed to heat the steel.
The administrative part is a wide and functional space at an European level. With the headquarters, the domestic sales division, export, accounting, human resources and the social part for the whole staff.
The facilities in Trzeciewiec are one of the four plants in Poland working for the ROMANIK SA group.
The program production of these plants depends on the circumstances of each one; tradition; experience; technical, technological, potential and professional capabilities; and access to raw materials. They constitute strictly dependent role divisions developed over years of specialization.
The location of the plant in the municipality of Dobrcz is also the result of a good cooperation with local community. Thanks to an open investment policy of the community, the facility provides a good start to the region which until now was only focused on agricultural activities.