Romanik S.A.

Mission and Vision


Based on this highly accurate formulation of Seneca Romanik SA wishes to present to customers, business partners, and employees, its mission and vision of business development for the next decade. We know where we want to reach, we know our destination port. We hope, therefore, that together we will blow the sail to strengthen the force of the wind and thereby significantly shorten the time to reach our goal.



We are a Polish company that combines years of experience and tradition with a modern outlook on business. We change the habits of our customers. Since then, the tools are no more associated with dirt, weight, and work, but with a nice, lightweight, durable, and multi-purpose object of everyday use.

We wish to become a market leader in central Europe in the production of garden tools and accessories.

The objectives we have set out will be achieved by:

Offering our customers the highest quality products. We are a Company with nearly 30 years of experience. We have an established position in the domestic market and we want to reach the same status in the European market. Our young and vibrant export department, consisting of international staff has ensured us that success. We communicate fluently in four languages. Polish, English, Spanish, Russian. We want to be a professional organization in every respect. The sales department was transformed into a vibrant and mobile advisory body operating throughout the country. Our consultants, sales representatives, reach you even in the most remote places. They will use their technical and commercial knowledge to adjust and fit the offer for each customer.

The value of each company are the people. This human potential creates and shapes the company's image outside. Hence, intensive training in the company has raised even higher the skills of our staff in order to more easily achieve a competitive advantage based on knowledge. Creation of an atmosphere of teamwork, open to the modern vision is to affect the creativity of all staff. Working in a team we are more effective, efficient. Together as a team we strive to achieve the success. Employees can realize their professional aspirations, grow intellectually, and gain confidence in the decisions taken by them. By so motivated and organized team we want to improve our services.
Money is another space through which we can improve the quality of our services. Getting good financial results will allow the company to achieve positive economic growth and thus give us the possibility to create new technological solutions. This way we provide our clients access to new products, innovative solutions. The market abhors vacuum, standing in the place you are moving back. We always go forward and to this is needed a well-organized financial background.

Tradition combined with modernity. There are some manufacturing processes invariable from years ago. Despite the very advanced technology, we are not able to produce items as excellent as they were made many years ago by traditional craftsmen. Are the swords forged by hand in Japan able to be copied into the 21st century? Does the Stradivarius violin sound worse despite the years? Are we capable to produce their twin copy? Although such technology, unfortunately not. Hence, our company does not alter the well-known for hundreds of year’s technology manufacturing tools. A very good example proving this state is the production of axes. The process of free forging is a faithfully recreated copy of a many decades old equipment and the difference lies only in the sources of energy supplied to the power of modern machines (link do filmu). Hardening axes is also done in the traditional coke furnace. These processes are designed to obtain a more favorable structure of the steel and chemical composition.
New products, inventions, innovative ideas are another well developed area of ​​our company. We are a national leader with regard to to the number of solutions protected by copyright. We hope our engineers, designers, stylists say no longer a last word and will continue surprising you with modern solutions, both technical and stylistic.

Romanik SA is not a stranger, and is at the present time very positively received by the Pro-social policy. We are very solidly deep-rooted in the region. We care about the development, integration. We support many social and individual actions. We act for people with disabilities, schools and associations. We also help private people. The most important and propagated activities of the Company are, however, promoting Poland and Polish products. At any time, we emphasize that this is a product from Poland with the highest quality. Each of our packagings is marked with a map of the country in white and red colours. (link do foto jestem z Polski). We shout this way, because we deliberately want to draw attention of our consumers that by buying our products they are supporting the Polish manufacturers. We wish to improve the consumer awareness in our society. This is one of our most important goals.
Environment is for every human being a very important existential matter. And here, as well, our company is one step forward. We have entered into 21st century with a modern production facility in Trzeciewiec. It was built in 2010 and thus, it had to meet all of the most stringent EU environmental directives. We own a sealed paint room where the entire painting process takes place without human intervention. The variety and high quality of the products and their pro-environmental values, are confirmed by the international certifying organization FOREST STEWARDSHIP COUNCIL (FSC)... (tu wkleić certyfikat z Miastka). In the manufacturing process of steel products we use all the waste material, from which we produce steel fence components. The purpose of these works is minimizing the amount of wastes produced and thus take care of our environment.

There are certainly lots of tools still not invented by the producers in the world. There are also many of them not known in our market. We are here to change it. Our daily motto is "Always stay one step ahead of the competition," Romanik SA, on alert 24H.